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Just keep active!

I got into fitness years ago when I lived in Norway. Living the Scandinavian lifestyle showed me the healthy way of living, that exercise and a balanced diet should be natural to us. Our bodies were made to move!

Scandi living is all about staying healthy and strong for as long as possible, and the Scandinavians know how to do that properly! No matter what how old they are, they love sports, outdoor activities and exercise.

I grew up in Czech Republic, and the lifestyle there was dramatically different. My grandparents and parents never did any sport or activities, they just kept themselves active with gardening and jobs around the house. When my grandmother retired she become very sedentary and started to lose all of her muscle strength and power.

"It's normal to slow down once you stop working and retire" she used to say. The thing is, she got very weak and unable to do a fraction of the daily tasks she once easily undertook. I remember I needed to be around to help her lift and move heavy objects around, as she was no longer able to.

Now, 30 years later, as a personal trainer I can see the importance of keeping strong and active to retain your independence as you grow older. Maintaining a functional body for life, that should be everyone's goal.

Keeping those muscles going is important so you can go up and down the stairs, easily climb in and out of the car, are able to lift and play with your grandchildren, or just grab something from the top cupboard - things that we take for granted when we're younger.

Sessions with a personal trainer can be your life-changer.

It's an investment in your health and longevity. It's an investment in injury prevention.

If you struggle with "how to", I'd love to help to get you started, so get in touch!



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