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Hereford personal trainer, renata, explaining to a man how to lift heavy weights in The point4 gym in hereford

Personal Training

My affordable personal training sessions are a worthwhile investment in your health. I provide tailored workout regimes that focus on functional fitness, resulting in weight loss, increased mobility, muscle building and improved heart health.

To get you started we will begin with a free 30 minute consultation. We'll discuss your exercise and medical history, chat about your fitness goals and I'll give you a tour around the facilities. 

A typical session consists of:

  • 5  minute cardio warm up to increase your heart rate

  • 5 minute mobility warm up to loosen your joints and muscles

  • 35 - 40 minute workout

  • 5 minute cool down, stretching and session recap

  • Booking your next session

Where the sessions take place:

  • The Point4 Gym, Royal National College for the BlindVenns LaneHereford. HR1 1DT

Session availability: 

  • By appointment only.


  • 1 session - £30

Renata from Renata Fitness giving a personal training session to a man carrying kettle bells in a hereford gym
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