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Kettlebell Workout

Personal Training in Hereford

Personal training is about much more than six packs and bulging biceps. My clients aren't athletes or body builders, they are regular, everyday people who want to improve their health and functional fitness in ways that benefit their day-to-day lives.


Regular 1-1 training sessions with me will increase your mobility, help manage your weight and leave you feeling stronger for longer.

Renata Sturalova training a man in a weightlifting gym to perform a plank exercise

What is Functional training? 

In the simplest terms, functional training strengthens your body by using a variety of exercises that simulate movements you make in everyday life. 

Did you know that the range of movements you use for sitting down and getting up from a sofa are the same as performing a squat in a gym? Or that the muscles used when you carry bags back from the shops are those trained in an exercise called a Farmers Carry and carrying a heavy box is similar to bicep curls. 

Modern life is full of things that make life easy, but they also make people lazy. Once our bodies were strengthened by hard manual labour, now more and more time is spent sitting in cars or behind desks, but your body is made to move! Are you finding that things which were once easy are now causing aches and pains, or that you have put on a bit of weight, feel out of shape and lack energy?  

It's my job as a Personal Trainer to replace the gap of manual labour with a tailored program of exercises and techniques that help you build strength, increase mobility and give you more energy. 

Functional training takes day to day tasks to a new level by training your body to be stronger in areas where you will benefit the most. By training with me regularly you will get stronger, your body will tone up and you'll lose weight. I will help you combine regular training with a healthy, nutritional diet plan to get you into peak condition and feeling fantastic in no time!

Personal Trainer Renata sturalova from Renata Fitness, Hereford, showing young women how to lift dumbells in a brightly lit gym in hereford, uk.
A personal trainer in hereford in a gym with a man using exercise equipment at the point4 gym


1 Personal Training Session (1 hour)


The next step is a free 30 minute consultation to evaluate your current level of fitness, discuss your medical history and set your training goals. 

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